Outdoor adventures in woodland, forests and natural parks

Its big game hunting, but in full respect of nature. This is the spirit of naturalist photography. One searches for the perfect shot in remote and solitary, unforgettable and inimitable American landscapes. Capturing animals that live in complete freedom amongst vegetation devoid of human presence.

Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, the most celebrated living photo-reporter, gives a professional but especially life lesson in the emotional documentary “Salt of the Earth” directed by Wim Wenders. In the 2014 film the great artist with total dedication and passion recounts how photographing nature is a wonderful, exciting and yet very complicated practice.
The search for that unique and perfect shot takes you into uncharted and uncomfortable territories, where nature sometime forces you to confront the difficulties of climate and loneliness. Being a nature photographer, as Salgado explains, is one of the most envied and difficult professions: it involves waiting for hours, days and sometimes weeks often in extreme and inhospitable conditions in national parks, reserves or sometimes in remote environments without any kind of comfort, in extreme and uncomfortable temperatures. Key traits are the ability to adapt, patience and organization. One must adapt to the landscape and organize the best camera and camping equipment.
Clothing must not be overlooked: camouflage fabrics, jackets equipped with many pockets and of the right weight, extremely practical trousers and basic accessories such as knives, bottles, scarves and sunglasses to protect from the sun and absorb sweat.