On the road. The soundtrack is the throbbing of an engine

A once-in-lifetime journey, interspersed with stops here and there loaded with meaning and genuine encounters. Travelling along a lonely highway, where hours, sometimes days, can pass before you see another soul. The destination, if there is one at all, is not important, what counts is travelling, moving on, experiencing it all and taking in extraordinary landscapes on whatever transport you have, 2, 3 or 4 wheels… it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s yours! The road as an adventure has become something all the more extraordinary since it has also become a way to search for spare parts for your own bike which is not only a means of transport but a vehicle for your passions. To own a one-off model that has been customized so that it is an extension of the person who creates it which is the real reason behind the journey.

Out of this very spirit, sprang custom culture, an American sub-culture dating from the ‘50s and one that makes customizing your own vehicle in your very own personal style, a veritable way of life. Modifications are both aesthetic and mechanical, ranging from lighting to sound system, from chrome and gloss finishes to the dusty and matt paintwork. This is customization that goes even as far as trend-setting the dress-style and appearance of these latterday adventurers. Each and every item of clothing is also tailor-made, colored or designed in a personal way, embellished with memories of past journeys and filled with passion for life on the road. Authentic pioneers of life on the road-, they are at the forefront of Kustom Kulture for bikes. The garages and dealers are their homes-from-home, the customized motorbike or car are what the horse was to the cowboy – a means of transport, yes, but, first and foremost, an adventure companion. Big Daddy Roth and then Robert Williams are the icons of this movement, singular and quintessentially American artists who have experienced their dedication to their own customized wheels that they have come to own unique bikes of inestimable personal and aesthetic value on which they travel across the America’s Big Country.