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Inspired by the American national love for car racing, this theme combines rugged adrenaline with vintage originality and urban refinement in every garment. A more relaxed look is conveyed thanks to special washes and original combinations between distressed racing-style leathers and formal clothing items. Quality Italian fabric, sartorial details, delavé treatments and vintage graphics coexist here to send a clear message that everyone is invited.



MCS travels back to the carefree 1950’s America of rock and roll, pinball machine, juke boxes and drive-ins. This theme captures all that pure summer fun: sunny two-tone colors, bright iconic prints, all-over embroidery, and outfits that joke around with silhouettes, like large baggy tops and tight bottoms. This retro collage has a distinctive summer city sound, so don’t forget your biker jacket, or your Brylcreem!



The inspiration for this theme comes from the Sunday Country Fairs, typical in most Western American towns. These events are an opportunity to relax, listen to some good music, enjoy time with the loved ones, as well as dress-your-best. Striking a note between old time tradition and contemporary hipster chic, the garments combine urban refinement with a classic American country soul. Fabrics have a pure and natural feel. Cuts are soft and fluid, while details have a unique frontier appeal.



An escape into the wild, where desert meets ocean. Warm sand, cool wind and refreshing water are the key elements of the environment that prefers nature over the ordinary life. The sensation of being alone and at one with nature is captured by a combination of desert and sky-blue tones, of nostalgic Mexico-inspired hues, prints and tailoring. Floral prints, together with bright stitching details, patches and embroidery, whisper the secrets of America’s natural wonders.