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MCS has deep roots. Founded in the 1970s to celebrate the man who loves travel, nature and adventure, the brand has combined the legendary lifestyle of the American West with the great heritage of Italian fashion since the 1980s.

MCS and its iconic rider has undoubtedly been one of the brands with the greatest influence on men's fashions all over the world, a cultural and stylistic landmark with non-replicable codes of its own that has risen to popularity with millions of fans and admirers. MCS is not just a fashion brand, but a legend that has never stopped inspiring dreams.

MCS serves today’s Italian and European markets thanks to the Italian company Nemesis Srl, which has managed to capture the imaginations of multitudes, regaining possession of that incredible wealth of emotions represented by the brand to propose it in a contemporary style. A great history, renewed with complete respect for tradition, in the hands of highly qualified professionals who design, plan, create, produce and convey authentic Italian values.


We make products that last for years, inspired by the world of the great outdoors and the tradition of American workwear. Respect for the land and love of nature inspired our brand, and are still the core values inspiring us today.

The cowboy's wholesomeness and dedication also inspire our mission to our customers. We will always be at your side, here to solve all your problems and answer all your questions.

An old Marlboro Classics slogan repeated the first words of the American Constitution, “We The People”. We are here today because of you, and for you, the people.



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