A new campaign illustrating the tradition of the Venetian squero

MCS is an authentic brand with a long tradition of depicting the most fascinating natural and human places in its images

Since the 1970s MCS has celebrated the man who enjoys travel and adventure, but also loves his homeland. A man of emotions and passions, a man who is never subdued, who grasps the importance of history and its spirit. A man conscious of the meaning of the term heritage, so often abused in fashion.

For this reason, in SS21 the brand pays tribute to one of Italy’s most important traditions of craftsmanship, dedicating the images illustrating its collection to a place packed with history and legend: the Venetian squero.

Common throughout Venetian territory since the time of the Venetian Republic, the squero is a boatyard for the city's row-boats. Mythical places where shipwrights sculpt the boats and gondolas that have gone down in history, associated with the marvellous imagery representing Venice all over the world.

Only six squeri have survived the changing times.

MCS tells their story through the images in its collection, re-appropriating a place of the past, restoring all the charm and atmosphere of centuries gone by.

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